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Beyond peak oil
Beyond peak oil

Financial Times - 4 Tag alt
The last decade has seen a significant change in the terms of the debate around the concept of “peak oil”. Ten years ago the focus was on when oil resources would start to run out and was still based on a concept developed in the 1950s by a...

Peak Oil Demand: Surprising Comments From Volkswagen. NOT!
Peak Oil Demand: Surprising Comments From Volkswagen. NOT!

Seeking Alpha - 1 Tag alt
Many automakers have announced plans to "electrify" their fleets, and oil bears are using this as a point to promote their dream of lower for longer oil prices. I explain in this article that automakers' plans are less ambitious than they make it seem ...und...

EVs: Fears Of Peak Oil Demand 'Overblown'
EVs: Fears Of Peak Oil Demand 'Overblown'

Oil and Gas Investor (registration) - 1 Tag alt
Electric cars and their potential to absorb global oil market share are headline news as Tesla and other manufacturers ratchet up production of cars and buses. Where once oil and gas producers feared peak oil production, now they worry that the rise of ...und...

'Beyond peak oil'

The Globe and Mail - 3 Tag alt
"The concept of peak oil has therefore shifted from peak supply to peak demand… At [the current] pace, using a rough calculation, EVs [electric vehicles] might displace 1million b/d [barrels per day] of oil demand by 2025. Beyond that, the pace will...

Peak Oil Is Not The Same As Peak Demand
Peak Oil Is Not The Same As Peak Demand - 4 Woche alt
Following my previous article — Peak Demand? No, A New Gasoline Demand Record— I received some interesting feedback from readers. It quickly became apparent that some didn't understand that the current discussions around “peak oil demand”...

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