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Coal Dead? Peak Oil Demand? Five Takes on Fossil Fuels' Future
Coal Dead? Peak Oil Demand? Five Takes on Fossil Fuels' Future

Bloomberg - 2 Woche alt
For all the buzz around wind, solar and electric cars, energy company executives had plenty to say Tuesday about the continuing role of fossil fuels and nuclear power at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Future of Energy Summit. Mining mogul Bob Murray ...und...

The End of Peak Oil
The End of Peak Oil

American Thinker - 1 Woche alt
U.S. production of crude oil is now about ten million barrels per day, matching peak levels achieved in 1970. The Energy Information Administration projects that U.S. oil production this year will be the highest ever recorded. Let's hope this is the...

Peak Oil Deja Vu?
Peak Oil Deja Vu?

ValueWalk - 3 Woche alt
Peak Oil was on my mind during the first decade of this 21st century, then I lost interest in it as shale field supply became readily available, especially in the United States. The idea around peak oil is that new discoveries are rare while the older...

Kulmbach wird Transition-Town
Kulmbach wird Transition-Town - 4 Tag alt
"Erdöl ist endlich", sagte beispielsweise Dagmar Keis-Lechner, Bezirkstagskandidatin der Grünen, "unsere ganze Mobilität, Energie, Landwirtschaft - all das basiert auf Erdöl". "Peak Oil" heißt der Zustand, an dem die maximale Ölfördermenge zum billigen...

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